COVID-19 Policy

COVID-19 Policy as at 22nd October 2021 as per the COVID-`19 Protection Framework

Dates are confirmed with a 30% non-refundable booking fee, this secures and confirms the date. The booking fee is non-refundable and cover not only holding of the date you require, but also my time for the administration work during the booking process.

Any postponements will be treated as a cancellations and with incur another non-refundable booking fee.

The ONLY exception to this rule is if we are in a complete lockdown or regional lockdown (as outlined in the COVID-19 Protection Framework) in which case the booking fee is transferable to ONE other date within 12 months of your original Wedding date.

If you are postponing/changing your date when not currently in a complete lockdown or regional lockdown, or if postpone your Wedding date due to your venue not requiring a vaccine certificate requirement and is limited to 50 people and this means your Wedding cannot go ahead, or you are unsure if friends and family will be able to attend your Wedding, this will be a cancellation and a new non-refundable booking fee applies.

Vendors who have the vaccine certificate requirement are able to work across the Red, Orange and Green system for Weddings of up to 100 people (no limit at Green) there are no mandates to say Weddings cannot go ahead, however if a venue does not have a vaccine mandate, they will have a limit of 50 people at Orange and Red and 100 people at Green.

Michaela Kaye Makeup, effective immediately is under the vaccine certificate requirement and requires all clients to be double vaccinated for bookings to go ahead, proof is needed.

Depending on being at Red, Orange or Green in the COVID-19 Protection Framework at the time of your Wedding, or changing Government advice, there may be some changes to the running of makeup services on the day.

This may include:

– The wearing of face masks for the duration of the makeup services
– Keeping a contact-tracing list of any and all people that will be in the room on the day
– Having a COVID-19 questionnaire available to ensure the safety of myself and others on the day
– Ensuring all kit products and brushes are sprayed with an anti-bacterial sanitizing spray (this will continue moving forward)

Vaccine certificates are a requirement effective immediately in order for bookings to go ahead. Clients and their bridal party will need to be double vaccinated in order for their booking to go ahead. This is a requirement for close contact businesses to be able to work across the Red, Orange and Green system outlined in the COVID-19 Protection Framework.

If someone is awaiting a test, or has recently had COVID-19 unfortunately will not be able to have services done on the day, likewise if anyone is sick on the day. This is to ensure the health and safety of myself and not passing anything on to other clients, especially in peak season when working on 2-3 Weddings per week/weekend.

Michaela Kaye (owner of Michaela Kaye Makeup) is double vaccinated as at the 7th October 2021.

In the unfortunate event where there is an issue preventing me from leaving Auckland, I will find another makeup artist for you and will either transfer the deposit to them or refund directly to you.